Why Spend Money On Renewable Energy Sources?


Renewable energies with e360 Power for example are the future of global electricity production. The market shares of this sector will only increase over the next twenty years. Investing in green energy is, therefore, a bet on the future that can bring you an attractive return. In this article, discover the advantages of investing in renewable energies.

Renewable Energies: Advanced Technologies

Among the most developed renewable energies is wind power. Based on kinetic energy, this technology was responsible for 4.7% of global electricity production in 2018. Wind turbines use wind turbines to convert wind energy into electrical energy. For this, roller-bearing devices of several meters in diameter are installed to allow the sailboats to turn.

Ball bearing examples

Solar energy is also in full development. The installation of solar panels makes it possible to obtain thermal or electrical energy or even both, for hybrid photovoltaic panels. Solar panels can be installed in different places, namely in private homes, as well as on the roofs of companies or public institutions.

Regarding renewable energies, hydraulics, and geothermal energy are currently less well known. However, these have many advantages, particularly hydraulics, which is more widespread than one might think due to the constant technological evolution of dams.

Growing market share

We consume more and more energy and especially a lot of electricity. Developing renewable energies makes it possible to slow down the depletion of fossil resources. With the development of these energies that are more respectful of the environment, their production costs are down. This is an investment with interesting potential.

In addition, renewable energy as Investment Strategies initiatives are often supported by the government. If that doesn’t make it a safe investment, these investments boost technological advances in green energy. They also allow young companies to stabilize financially or even go public. Thus, companies that rely on renewables can detach themselves from state investments and thus make interesting financial investments. The market is also booming, especially in emerging countries such as China and India.

Investment: The Advantages Of Renewable Energies

Photovoltaic panels installed in the middle of a city

The first advantage of renewable energies is that they represent an ethical investment that bets on a sustainable future. Investing in green energy thus enhances the image of your company and supports technological innovations. In addition, investing in this type of energy offers a wide variety of investments, namely:

green bonds: low-risk investments to finance projects;

stocks: higher-risk investments that require you to find out about the company you want to invest in;

direct values: investments in listed companies with an attractive annual return (between 5 and 7%).

Finally, you can invest in sustainable energy by installing, for example, solar panels on the roof of your premises. The energy produced by the photovoltaic panels will amortize your initial investment while reducing your electricity bill. If you put down enough, you can even resell Electricity to an energy supplier.