Tips that can Help in Getting Favorable Personal Loan Terms


The ever-increasing rise in commodity prices has increased the struggle of striking a balance between earning and saving finances. Travel, luxuries, emergencies, education etc. all add to the financial burden if the income is not sufficient. When a salaried individual’s monthly income is not sufficient to fulfil all the needs they desire. It is when a personal loan comes into the picture to help them accomplish their goals and have a content life. Personal loans are an ideal choice when it comes to supporting urgent financial needs.

Personal loans are currently the most popular and common financial product. Besides, an unsecured loan does not require pledging or security against the loan. It demonstrates several seamless features and benefits, flexible repayment terms and simple eligibility criteria for salaried and self-employed individuals while applying for the loan. It has simplified the lives of many people who need timely financial help for different reasons.

But often, due to a lack of proper knowledge, the loan you require may not be favorable or may get rejected by not adhering to the terms and policies of the lender.

NBFCs have basic terms and conditions to sanction a personal loan. Therefore, their disbursal time is shorter. Moreover, the loan amount gets credited instantly to your bank account within a few hours.

But sometimes, with ignorance about a few things for getting a loan, you may get your application rejected and experience unfavorable personal loan conditions.

So, to avoid such confusion and rejection of a loan, you must be aware of a few things for getting a favorable personal loan term.

Here are a few essential tips & tricks to help you get the personal loan terms favorably:

  • Analyze the market before applying – You must research the finance market because, with the growth in the number of financial institutions and NBFCs, it is possible to get swept away with an attractive loan offer without reading the terms and conditions carefully of the lender. Thus, it is vital to research and compare the loan features such as interest rates, processing fees, repayment tenure etc. and choose the lender that suits your financial needs.
  • Reduce your debts- Taking a personal loan for unnecessary needs is not a good idea. It may increase your monthly obligations by more than 50% of your income, resulting in loan rejection. First, clear your existing loans and pay off your credit card bills to lower your debts before taking a new personal loan. Take a personal loan when required urgently because it may increase your monthly debts.
  • Look for affordable interest rates – With online personal loans, you can check and compare interest rates offered by other financial institutions or NBFCs online or call customer care for the interest rates provided by the lender. Personal loans are collateral free, but the interest rates levied are slightly higher. So, compare and evaluate the interest rates convenient to you before applying for the loan.
  • Check your eligibility criteria – Meeting the lender’s criteria is essential to get a favorable personal loan term. Generally, the eligibility criteria are simple and can be easily met by the borrower. Hence, before getting a personal loan, you should be aware of the eligibility criteria to avoid rejection of the loan.


  • Maintain a good credit history – Ensure your credit history is good before getting a personal loan. If your credit history is excellent, your credit score will meet the lender’s expectations, which will help you acquire favorable personal loan terms.


  • Make timely repayments – Improve your credit score for a quick personal loan, and you should know that you must make timely payments. Delayed payment may be the reason for the reduction in your credit score, which may impact your personal loan negatively.

Hence, before taking a personal loan through loan app, you should keep these tips in mind for a favorable personal loan term. So, hurry and get your loan if you meet all the above-mentioned essentials.