The Skills and Qualifications of a Great Finance Manager


Looking to skill up to management in finance? Here are the skills and qualifications you might need to achieve success.

Are you looking for a new job, or just an upgrade on your existing one? No matter which type of financial work your focus is, a financial manager earns more than either the entry level position or the standard employee does. Those that get into the finance industry do so with the intention of earning big salaries for the appropriate amount of planning, investment, and asset management they do on their clients’ behalf.

What does a finance manager do?

Learning what a finance manager does might entice you to take the leap towards this senior role.

A finance manager works on behalf of clients or a company to help manage investments, generate cash, oversee finance departments, and guide the consumer to better long term and short term financial planning. From managing mutual funds to managing the stationary cupboard, this job description covers everything from setting up new accounts to streamlining outgoings, cutting expenses, and managing the day to day trivialities within your company’s finance department.

What qualifications should you take to work as a finance manager?

Studying to be a finance manager takes a similar path to completion as accounting does. Although accounting is part of the skill set you need, there are many more skills and qualifications available to you, which will help you advance. Employers particularly love a high rate of past experience. In some cases, firms are likelier to hire a candidate with years of experience in the industry than one who has fantastic qualifications. If you can, find an apprenticeship that lets you work with them one day a week while you are studying.

As for college and university studies over skills and experience, successful finance managers usually begin with a degree in an accounting/mathematics/Fund management or similar degree. Even starting with a diploma is enough to begin taking on work.

What skills do you need as a finance manager?

As for which skills you need as a finance manager, consider the following requirements. As recommended by NHS careers, a finance manager should have mid to high GSCEs or work experience, A levels, or can apply as a graduate or former manager in another sector. As well as this minimal experience for an entry level finance manager position, you should develop the following skills:

  • Good communication skills – talking, listening, answering calls, responding to emails, and using Slack or similar programs.
  • Business minded initiative and willingness to develop skills/complete further training.
  • Excellent skill with numbers.
  • Attention to details – especially figures, percentages, and meticulous checks.
  • Good teamwork skills, the bigger the company, the less likely you are to be operating alone.
  • You should be an organised person.
  • And show good leadership qualities.

How to find Finance Manager Jobs?

Finance Manager Jobs contain a range of skills and learned methodologists. You will have to learn the programs, techniques, and financial skills before you can compete as an outstanding potential employee.

Once you have the skills you need to be successful, set yourself up on social media as a professional. From there, find work by uploading your CV to a job hunting site and wait for future employers to find you. If you have previous experience in the field, setting yourself up as a finance manager and consultant could earn you even more.

What is the Salary of a Finance Manager in the UK?

When working in the UK, the farther from London you live, the less you are likely to earn. Jobs in the capital, where the cost of living is higher, earn most. The average starting pay for a finance manager is £28,000. As you learn and grow your set of skills, you can earn as much as £60,000. Work in London city centre for a large corporation and you can earn even more. Is the salary of a finance manager worth the investment in your future through studies? Absolutely. It is a great job for paying off student debt.

Do you have what it takes to become a finance manager?

The world of finance management covers everything from procurement and asset management to payroll and sales. Depending on what the focus of your role is, you could find yourself making anything from a high starting salary to the executive salaries of the hedge fund and investment managers. If finance is for you, there is a fortune waiting for you to make it. All you need to do is find someone to give you that little boost of starting experience.