The Scope of RACI Analysis in Project Success


The RACI analysis is a matrix that is simple and efficient to define and document the roles of the project along with certain responsibilities. In order to know who is responsible, accountable, and should be consulted while keeping the person informed at each step can increase the chances of project success, and this when the RACI matrix can be of great help. It does not matter how detailed the plan of the project is, if there is any confusion with regards to the roles and responsibilities then there are some chances of a major problem.

The role of the RACI matrix

This is one of the effective approaches that help in defining and documenting the roles and responsibilities of the project. It is better to integrate the RACI model in the organization project life cycle. This eventually would create a good synergy which would improve the outcome of the project and enhance it in a much better manner. This matrix is eventually responsible for the assignment chart that helps in mapping out each task with the key decisions that are already part of finishing the whole project.  This means the roles are designated who shall be responsible for every action which could be accountable.

RACI is the short form for the stakeholder’s roles that can be extremely important in the project.

Why is RACI so valuable?

The reason why the RACI analysis is so important is simply that it offers an easy-to-understand language that further can help in discussing the complex subject. It also helps in understanding the roles and how they can be related to the rest of others. In today’s environment where the business is taking a modern approach, the demand for cross-functional projects is more. That is why RACI is available as it helps in coming up with ways of negotiating amongst the departments and project boundaries.

In case, the team member is not clear about the responsibilities and the accountabilities, conflicts can happen. This eventually results in loss of time and some tasks get forgotten too. This leads to resentment and hence RACI can be of great help.

When working in a group, communication and misunderstanding amongst two or more team members are quite common. That is why the use of RACI language is used. It ensures there is no room for confusion. There is also a chart that is being prepared that clarifies the role of each team member. The entire plan of the project once created can be shared. This way at least the entire team can work on the same page and the goal to be achieved is in focus.

Understand the working of RACI

Under the RACI matrix, there are activities and the participants. The participants are the ones who are assigned a certain set of activities. These participants have roles that make RACI complete which are R stands for Responsible, A stands for Accountable, C Stands for Consult and I Stands for Inform. The model of RACI gets the clarity and structure to describe the stakeholders’ roles within the project. Besides, such a matrix also sacrifice the responsibilities to make sure that all the needs of the project can be fulfilled by the person designated to do it.

Tips on creating a RACI matrix

The RACI analysis requires a simple process that needs to be done. This includes the steps like:

  • To understand all the tasks that are important in delivering the project. It is important to list it on one side of the chart. Suppose, if it is the IT project then PLC steps are the best way to address it.
  • It is better to identify the stakeholders involved in the project and accordingly list them all on the chart top.
  • All the model cells should be identified. This should include understanding who is accountable, responsible, and who shall be informed and consulted.
  • For each task, it is important that at least there is one stakeholder responsible for it. Besides, there should not be more than one accountable stakeholder for any task.


The RACI analysis includes its material that consists of the responsibility assignment chart. It highlights a clear map for each task, key decisions to be made, a milestone to be achieved so that the project is finished on time.