The Best Home Renovation Contractor


The pandemic has restricted us to the four walls of our homes 24×7, which has finally made us see all the care our homes need. Since renovations are time-consuming and expensive, many of us have put them off until we can be home to look after them.

Sitting at home for the last two years, most people have finally started off with the overdue renovations. If you are residing in Delhi or New Delhi, here are a few home renovation contractors you can check out.

  • Woodcraft International

Location- East Patel Nagar, New Delhi

This is a 30-year-old interior design and architecture company based out of Delhi. Their portfolio includes various pragmatic office spaces, luxurious homes, and contemporary retail spaces. The company also provides furniture and lighting solutions along with project management. This is a one-stop solution for people unwilling to hop around companies for different aspects of the renovation. From conceptualising every aspect of the design to executing them, the firm handles everything.

  • AKDA

Location- Vasant Vihar, New Delhi

Integrating interior design, architecture, construction, and sustainability under a single umbrella, Amit Khanna established AKDA in 2004. The company employs the philosophy of making the design process and the product regional specific and sustainable.

  •  Interior Shapes and Designs

Location- Shalimar Bagh, Delhi

Suppose you want high-end turnkey interior solutions for your residence, office, showrooms, schools, or hospitals. In that case, this is the contractor for you. The company is famous for its quality of projects, innovative designs, trendy styles, and facility and comfort.

  • T R Engineer and Contractor

Location- MG Road, South Delhi, Delhi

One of the leading construction and interiors companies in the industry, T R Engineer and Contractor, is an over ten-year-old company that prides itself in providing the latest interiors and is driven by innovation and design. The company offers a one-stop solution for all your renovation requirements. These include interiors, and a wide range of other services and solutions, such as electrical rewiring or additional changes, plumbing solutions, woodwork, door, windows, sanitary wares, etc.

  • Design Atelier

Location- Greater Kailash I, New Delhi

The company started in 2005 in India, with designs that incorporate natural elements by optimising natural light and air of places to create airy and well-lit environments, and they have a people-centric approach. Thoughtful integrity and contemporary sensibility are what they aim for in their designs. They have expanded their business in 2015 to Canada and are now providing interior solutions to both India and Canada.

When renovating homes, the preferences may be luxurious or subtle, but budgets bind us all. Even when contractors give us an estimate, there is always something more to be added or what we thought would look good doesn’t in reality. Redoing them or changing plans in between lead to changing budgets too. Investing all our savings in one go can be a huge setback, and even then, there is no certainty about the renovations being done within the upper bound. Hence, many contractors and even designers suggest considering financing options.

One of the best ways of financing a house renovation is taking up a personal loan. Personal loan interest rates being around 10% in the market make it affordable. Also, the longer tenures and flexibility are two attributes that make a personal loan attractive. While planning these renovations, you can check your personal loan eligibility online and the EMIs to be paid using personal loan EMI calculator. Thus, planning every aspect of your home renovations become more manageable with these online tools.