Secrets to getting a perfect home loan with a home loan EMI calculator


Have you any information about the home loan? Everyone wants to get a home loan to build their own dream home. The best thing is that home loan is available for those who are more than 21 years and has a good credit history.

To get the perfect home loan at the best rates, by using your home loan interest calculator, there are some secrets you should know. Read the facts in the article to know all the secrets to getting a perfect home loan with the EMI calculator.

  1. Eligibility

To increase the amount of your home loan, you must avail of a joint loan with your spouse. This way, your and your spouse’s income is added to the bank, and the loan amount is sanctioned to your name.  

  1. Negotiate

 Do not take any decision in a hurry, especially when you are taking a loan. You have to negotiate wisely at your level to take the home loan at the best interest rates.

It is suggested to negotiate at the end of the month if you want to borrow the home loan amount at a better interest rate.

  1. Fixed or floating

There are two different types of interest rates associated with the loan. A fluctuating interest rate on a home loan varies with the market conditions, whereas the fixed interest rate on a home loan remains fixed.

So, it is suggested to go with the fixed interest rates while availing of the home loan. In this way, you will save yourself from fluctuating rates.

  1. Investment and savings

In today’s world, expenses are increasing due to inflation. It is important to keep savings and make more down payments. The home loan interest calculator will help lower your EMI and reduce your loan amount.

You should calculate the home loan EMI by using the EMI calculator to better analyse the situation. The banks will decide your loan approval on this basis and provide you with a home loan at lower interest rates.

  1. Duration

Duration is an important factor to consider while getting a home loan. The lesser the loan duration, the less you have to pay the amount of the loan overall.

On the other hand, the longer the loan duration, the more you have to pay the loan overall. It is suggested to go with the short duration for the home loan.

  1. Patience

The factor patience is always considered important when taking a home loan. As we know, the banking process takes time to approve your loan application.

According to the home loan interest calculator, interest rates on loans also varied with time. So, there is the need to have some patience after applying for a home loan, as it takes time to come to a decision from banks.

  1. CIBIL score

If your account is opened in the bank, your CIBIL score is attached to your name. The CIBIL score ranges from 350 to 900 based on your loan repayment ability on time. If your CIBIL score exceeds 750, you will get the home loan without trouble.

All the above essentials and secrets must be taken care of if you want to invest in your dream home with a home loan.