Credit Card: Balance Check & Balance Transfer


Credit cards operate on the understanding that card providers extend a certain amount of credit available for use on the card that the cardholder is entitled to spend as per their preference. This is provided of course the cardholder agrees to repay the amount used in addition to paying interest on the same along with certain fees that are part and parcel of ownership of the card. The payment of a credit card bill can be carried forth in several ways of which net banking is one such medium. Read on to understand all that net banking entitles you to and more.

Understanding Credit Card Net Banking and Logging into an Account

Credit cards serve as nifty tools that allow for instant cashless transactions to be conducted. What makes them especially attractive is the fact that they convert ordinary payments into equated monthly installments or EMIs.

  • Paying credit card bills is easy with the aid of net banking. Should you be new to net banking, you can register for the same in the following manner.
  • Visit your credit card provider’s net banking website.
  • Direct your cursor towards the tab that allows you to sign up for credit card net banking.
  • Fill out the required details and agree to the terms and conditions that appear on your screen.
  • Validate your activation by filling out the OTP that’s been sent to your registered mobile number.
  • Select the ‘continue’ option.
  • Think of an IPIN that you will remember and submit the same.

Once this registration is complete, credit card login can be done with the aid of your newly minted IPIN and customer or user ID.

  • Existing users can log in and make use of net banking by visiting their bank’s website and logging in with the aid of their credentials.
  • Next, they can select the card for which they’d like to make a payment and select their mode of payment for the same.
  • After submitting the same, they will be redirected to a payment gateway that allows for the transaction to be completed.

How To Check Credit Card Balance?

Credit card balance allows you to remain aware of what your expenses have been thus far and what you can afford to spend. Below mentioned are ways of how to check Credit Card Balance :

  • Monthly statement
  • Net banking
  • SMS alert
  • The card issuer’s mobile application
  • Via customer care
  • Visiting a branch
  • Visiting an ATM

Understanding Balance Transfer for Credit Cards

A balance transfer allows you to make a balance transfer from credit card to another. By transferring balances that have a higher annual percentage rate applicable (or APR) to a card that has a lower APR in place, you can save money on the interest you are meant to pay.

They simplify bills by consolidating multiple balances owed to varied creditors onto a single card which requires only one payment to be made.


Credit cards have gained in popularity because they allow users to extend the number of purchases, they can make which otherwise might not always be a possibility. They are efficient, effective, and cashless transactions. To learn more about all that credit cards entail, visit Finserv MARKETS!