Can you take out a personal loan during recession? Read on!


Personal loans are a great way of securing instant liquidity for you when times are hard or in case of emergencies. However, during a recession, the times are hard for almost everyone else in the market. Therefore, it might not be easy for you to secure a personal loan. This happens because banks get even more cautious and are worried about people defaulting on their payments. Regardless, getting your very own personal loan approved during such economic hardships is not an impossible scenario.

Will I get a personal loan when there is a recession?

Surely, yes, you can get a personal loan during a recession as well. However, do note that the economic situation makes banks much more risk averse than before. As a result, the only realistic challenge that you will face, while borrowing, is a more stringent background check. Honestly, you can’t even complain about it – the lender has every right to comply you to these checks, because they need some guarantee on the fact that they will get their amount back.

How do I qualify for a personal loan during a recession?

While there are multiple benefits of a personal loan, you will also have to meet these background checks before you eventually get the amount in your account. Here are some of the things that the bank will ask for:

Income and employment proofs

The fact that you have a steady income and get pay-checks every month is one of the biggest securities to the bank, because this indicates that you will be capable of paying your amount back. Any irregularities with respect to your payslips could indicate to the bank that you are a risky lender.

A good credit score

It is widely known that having a good credit score is one of the basic pre-requisites of getting a loan approved. A high credit score denotes that you will be able to return your loan amount on time. It will also make the lender much more confident about letting you borrow the money.

Keep an eye on the debt-to-income ratio

The debt-to-income ratio helps your lender to collectively analyse how much income you get, how much debt you need to pay off and what is left to pay off for your monthly expenses. When this ratio is comparatively higher, then it reduces your chance to get an additional loan. Especially, when you are applying for a loan during the period of recession, make sure that this number is as low as possible.

Ample security

In the event of a job loss, or any other mishaps, your banker will obviously want to know how you wish to pay back the amount that you have borrowed. Now, if you do have a large savings amount backed up, then it will provide the lender some assurance.

In today’s economic scenario, recession is a very real possibility and taking loans could become difficult. However, if you are looking for a trustworthy and hassle-free personal loan application process, then you could opt for Airtel personal loan. Try it out today.