Are there any hidden charges while using forex card?


Planning a vacation abroad? Or going on an overseas business trip? Or otherwise, moving abroad for overseas for higher studies? You will be confused about how to meet your money requirements there or how to carry the cash abroad. Then the travel card is the answer for you.

What is it? It is a typical ATM debit or credit card which can be used abroad without attracting any additional charges. It is one of the simplest and most convenient ways to carry cash abroad. Its usage is secured with a pin and can be blocked when lost. You can reload it with money whenever the balance is low and, you can cash in the excess amount if not spent on the trip. So, will you be charged anything for using it?

It comes with several charges like the cash withdrawal fee, cross-currency markup charge, balance inquiry charge, charge slip retrieval fee, statement request charge, and inactivity fees. You will also in some cases be charged for card activation, reloading, encashment of funds, replacement, and so on.

But these charges are varied with the foreign exchange service providers. So, when you buy a forex card, do some research on the offers and pricing of different features instead of just googling forex near me and choosing one.

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