4 Essential Tips To Avoid Wasting Electricity In Companies


It is important to remember that natural phenomena also interfere with the price and availability of energy. But when it comes to waste, it is in the hands of industries (the largest consumers of energy in the country), businesses, cities, and homes to change their habits and plan to save energy. We’ve put together a list of tips and recommendations to reduce energy consumption with that in mind. Check it out below:

  1. Replace Light Bulbs

the use of fluorescent and LED models is encouraged. In comparative terms, we can consider the lifespan of the different categories of lamps:

Even with the ban, incandescent light bulbs can still be found for sale. For consumers, especially companies where the lamps come on continuously for about 12 hours a day, it is essential to opt for more economical, sustainable, and durable models. The numbers show that the performance of fluorescent and LED lamps is far superior to incandescent lamps.

  1. Pay Attention To The Air Conditioning

With the tropical heat prevailing, air conditioning is often indispensable, especially in offices and shops. As it is a device that demands a lot of energy, it is possible to adopt some actions to optimize its use, such as avoiding opening the doors in the place where the air conditioning is on so that the device does not have to work harder to cool the airflow. Of the environment.

Another tip is to keep the air conditioning on even if you are going to be away for a short time, up to half an hour, for example. Turning the equipment on and off leads to power surges and generates higher energy consumption

  1. Measure Energy Expenditure

The best way to avoid energy costs is to understand how this expense occurs and analyze where you can save. ENGIE has its energy and utilities monitoring and management tool, which has been helping to combat electrical energy waste in many companies. With Follow Energy, it is possible to monitor energy consumption in real-time and activate control mechanisms and cost reductions. The tool is entirely online and allows the control of consumption and costs of energy and other utilities (water, gas, etc.) from anywhere, via tablet, computer, or smartphone.

  1. Be Careful In The Bath

The electric shower can be one of the biggest villains for wasting electricity. To save money, it is essential to consider two factors. The first is to analyze the power of the chosen shower since 6000 Watts is equivalent to about 100 light bulbs simultaneously. In the coldest parts of the country, appliances in winter mode can represent a third of a home’s electrical consumption. The second is bath time, which is also a great way to save water in addition to saving energy.

  1. Acquire Photovoltaic Energy

Generating your energy through the sun is one of the main alternatives to reduce costs and seek a new relationship with electrical energy. Photovoltaic energy does not harm the environment, as its production does not emit greenhouse gases. In addition, it can result in savings of up to 90% in the energy bill, connecting your company or residence to an energy generation process focused on efficiency and sustainability, that is, totally linked to the search for the fight against electrical energy waste. You can learn more about energy management on e360power.com