3 ways to increase the value of your bathroom


There are several things that are prioritised by prospective house buyers. Topping the list is location, followed by specific property requirements such as a certain number of bedrooms and garden space. One of the rooms really responsible for selling a house, however, is the bathroom.

This surprising selling power is largely because bathrooms are expensive to renovate. A well-maintained bathroom with up-to-date facilities might help you clinch a deal above the asking price.

Bathrooms are also a central part of day-to-day home life. This means that a bathroom with an attractive design and appealing atmosphere could help to sway the buyer’s decision in your favour.

Before you put your house on the market, increase the value of your bathroom by following these five top tips.

Replace the tiles

Tiles that are visibly cracked and chipped will make your bathroom seem neglected and out-of-date.

Replacing damaged tiles is therefore a relatively cheap and simple fix that will significantly improve the appearance of your bathroom. You could go one step further and redo all of your bathroom tiles, walls and floor, to transform the space entirely and create a pleasing sense of freshness.

Be sure to seal your tiles properly once fitted to make them resistant to water, staining, and wear. Ensure a clean finish by following up with a sealant remover from a trusted brand like RS to tidy up old or clumsy adhesives.

Upgrade your toilet

Homeowners are increasingly concerned with energy and water conservation. This is due to society as a whole becoming ever more eco-conscious, as well as the recent price rises for gas and electricity.

Upgrading your toilet to a water-saving dual-flush model will win you both eco-minded buyers and those concerned with saving costs. You could update your shower with a low-flow showerhead at the same time.

Another option for upgrading your toilet is to consider a design where the tank is concealed within the wall. This is a great space-saver but bear in mind that it will make toilet maintenance more challenging.

Increase storage space

Storage space is a concern for every buyer, no matter the size of their prospective property. Incorporating plenty of storage options into your bathroom design is therefore a sure-fire way to increase the value of your bathroom.

Combine closed storage like cupboards and baskets with open options such as floating shelves and towel rails. This maximises organisation and improves the overall appearance of your bathroom.

Unsightly plastic products that are needed for every day use can be hidden from sight, while decorative items like plants and candles can be displayed to add character.

If you have a bathroom with limited square-footage, make sure that you prioritise adding in space-saving storage options that will not dominate the room. Take advantage of in-built storage such as cupboards beneath countertops and floating shelves which free up the area underneath.