3 Things That You Need To Do Before Bringing Your New Puppy Home.


The day will surely come when your kids want their first pet and although you have been trying to put it off for years, the time has now come when your kids won’t take no for an answer. You knew that this day would come and deep inside you, you are kind of happy because you want to get a dog too. However, there are many preparations to be made before you take home the newest member of your family and these preparations need to be done to ensure that your puppy arrives at a home that is ready for it. When you go to pick it up, there is one thing that you need to do first before anything else.

Your puppy needs pet insurance for the times when it gets sick or is involved in an accident. If you have to pay out of pocket for this, it could run into thousands of dollars, and so you need to have pet insurance to save you from this expense. If you’re not sure which policy is best for your pet, have a look at the PIA pet insurance reviews and see what other owners have decided on and why. Once you have your pet insurance in place, then you can start on the other things that need to be done.

  1. You need to puppy proof your home because puppies are like inquisitive young children and they will want to explore, taste and chew. Any shoes that you love, put them out of reach and any cables that are hanging down need to put out of reach of your new member of the family. Puppies are cute, but they can get themselves into trouble pretty quickly and you need to remove any opportunities. Get a rubbish bin with a sealable lid and keep your expensive mobile phone up high where your puppy can’t reach it. Ignore any of the above and you are going to be disappointed.
  2. It’s time to go shopping and your new puppy needs a lot of new things. You have to buy some bedding and some chew toys, so that it doesn’t chew through your best piece of furniture. A dish to put its food is required and some doggie snacks when it gets a little hungry before meal times. If you intend to train your puppy yourself, then some doggie treats will be needed as a reward for good work and obedience. Maybe a book on tips for taking care of a new puppy is called for and a collar and leash when you take it for regular walks.
  3. As mentioned previously, now that you have your pet insurance, you need to find a local vet who will attend to your puppy’s needs. A lot of vets are full to capacity and may not want to take on new customers. You need to visit them and try to get your dog registered there. Once successful, you then need to get a dog licence for your animal. This is a legal requirement in Australia and it provides much needed protection for your new pet.

There is lots to do and very little time to do it, before your new member of the family is due to arrive at its new home. Get the ball rolling early, so that there are no surprises.